Christmas . . .

Item # 005

Christmas Cards

Handmade and affordable cards to carry your holiday wishes to friends and family. Sewn with shiny floss, stars or gold beads, each one is individually cello-wrapped with envelope. Sold in a set of 8 blank cards containing two of each design.
4 x 6

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Item # 024

Praying Angels

Made of Armenian clay and glazed with a pearlized coating, this handmade trio of angels makes a delightful addition to collections, to stand guard over your rooms, or to enjoy at Christmas. 2 to 3 tall - 3 oz.

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Item # 032, 033, 034

Angels to Watch Over Thee

Very special angels, for Christmas, a child's room, a graduation gift, or wall groupings. Hand-carved from pear wood. Angle C, the Seraph, is the highest order of angels. A multitude of seraphim decorate the vaulted ceiling of Etchmiadzin Cathedral in Armenia.
Item #032 Angel A (skirted angel) 3 x 4 - 0.6 oz.
Item #033 Angel B (standing angel) 2 x 4 - 0.6 oz.
Item #034 Seraph C (six winged angel) 3 x 4 - 0.6 oz

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Item # 088


Specially made for Noah's Landing , this little nativity is hand-carved from pear wood. The little figurines are individually made ceramic and St. Joseph 's staff is metal. Complete with palm tree, angel and the star showing us the way. A Noah's Landing design!
Only 3 ½ tall 2 ¾ wide and 2 deep - 2 oz.

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Item # 099


Use as a Christmas greeting card with an accompanying envelope or set up your very own triptych. This one has the Christmas story from Luke 2:1-14 written in Armenian on the inner side panels. The outer panels are guarded by angels playing music while the center panel has the manger scene. Each of the 6 nimbuses is printed in a gleaming gold finish.
7 tall x 11 wide fully opened - 0.5 oz

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Item # 105


Mangers come in all sizes, shapes and prices, but this is a special work of art. Each piece is hand-molded, fired, and painted with Armenian clay. The cradle for Baby Jesus is made of wood with rockers that really rock. The overall detail is breathtaking! Your family will gather year after year to create the Christmas story as it unfolds. What better Christmas memories to give your children!
Manger 6 ¼ x 5 x 4 ¾
Figures include 14 pieces, the tallest is 4 - 1lb, 8 oz.

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