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Item # 002

Armenian Letter Blocks

A wonderful way for children and adults to learn the alphabet of their ancestors. Each of the 12 blocks has a letter and picture giving you 72 ways to mix and match. Made of plastic blocks covered with full-color paper graphics.
4 ¾” x 6 ¼” x 1 ½ “ - 7.3 oz.

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Item # 016

Armenia 's River Stones

To make these stones even more interesting, each of the 38 stones is hand-carved with an Armenian letter. Display in your indoor water fountain, bowl or use as a teaching tool. Complete with drawstring bag.
5” x 6” - Approx. 1 lb.

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Item # 018

Brain Teaser Puzzle

You are given 20 hand-crafted, various colored wooden pieces in a hand sewn drawstring bag with a hand-painted closure. It includes a diagram showing arrangement for each letter of the Armenian alphabet. The person who can create each letter of the alphabet in order and the fastest wins! (Timer not included.)
5” x 6” - 4.1 oz.

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Item # 019, 020

3-D Maps of Armenia

Run your fingers over the mountains and down into the valleys and “feel” the land called Armenia . These relief maps, of durable plastic and full color, are an ideal addition to the home library or classroom. Suitable for framing.
Item # 019 Small 7” x 8” 1.1 oz.
Item # 019 Large 9” x 12” 1.4 oz.

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Item # 043 - 061


Each handmade wooden bookmark is an original hand-painted design and individually wrapped. Use as special table favors at your next event. Remarkably low-priced and proven winner, these bookmarks will be a definite “plus” in your retail sales.
Approx. 1 ¼ “x 10” - 0.4 oz.

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Item # 056

Original Hand-Painted Alphabet

Each a beautiful work of art. St. Mesrop's mission to create the alphabet for the Armenian Bible is a treasure to own and recall Armenia 's Golden Age. (Frame not included)
8 ¼” x 11 ¾”

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Items # 098

Armenian Letters Cookie-Cutter Set

What will they think of next?! Now you can have your alphabet and eat it too! Kids love to spell their names out in cookies, to eat or hang on a Christmas tree. Great with play dough too! Set includes 38 handmade letters.
1 ¼” x 1 ½” - 13.4 oz.

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Items # 109

Tour of Armenia

Plug this CDROM into your computer and enjoy a tour of Armenia 's historic sites and treasurers. Over 1,000 beautiful color photos and film and audio guided tours with text and most with music. Tours include: churches, khachkars , treasures, over 450 museum paintings, scenic photos, and the Matenadaran. A must for every home. Priced right! Set up a laptop at your next event loaded with this CD ROM and you will soon be “sold out!”
3 oz.

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