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Item # 106


Who doesn't remember growing up and hearing the tavloo players laughing and joking? Every Armenian home had one, and now you can have an authentic Armenian nardi or tavloo (backgammon) board. Hand inlaid wood of Mt. Ararat on the front and a checker board on back cover. Compete with wooden disks and dice.
23 x 11 ¼ (closed) x 1 ½ deep - 5 lbs.

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Item # 070

Hol (Top)

This will provide hours of fun for the child in you. Made of natural wood with a metal spinning tip. Competitors of the game select their own string to wrap around the hol and try to knock out competing hols . The last one still spinning wins. Great stocking stuffers! (String not included.)
2 ¼ diameter, 2 ½ high - 1.3 oz.

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Item # 002

Armenian Letter Blocks

A wonderful way for children and adults to learn the alphabet of their ancestors. Each of the 12 blocks has a letter and picture giving you 72 ways to mix and match. Made of plastic blocks covered with full-color paper graphics.
4 ¾ x 6 ¼ x 1 ½ - 7.3 oz.

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Item # 016

Armenia 's River Stones

To make these stones even more interesting, each of the 38 stones is hand-carved with an Armenian letter. Display in your indoor water fountain, bowl or use as a teaching tool. Complete with drawstring bag.
5 x 6 - Approx. 1 lb.

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Item # 018

Brain Teaser Puzzle

You are given 20 hand-crafted, various colored wooden pieces in a hand sewn drawstring bag with a hand-painted closure. It includes a diagram showing arrangement for each letter of the Armenian alphabet. The person who can create each letter of the alphabet in order and the fastest wins! (Timer not included.)
5 x 6 - 4.1 oz.

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