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Item # 041


These coasters do double duty: protect your table tops and are mini-replicas of real kilims (rugs). Made of new wool and hand-woven on small looms, they come in rich earthy tones. Durable and cold water washable. Four to a pack of assorted designs and colors. A Noah's Landing design!
4” x 6” 1.8 oz. /set

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Item # 086 & 087

Ceramic tea light

Exquisite candlelight will dance from these ceramic tea-lights. The intricate arabesque handmade cut-work motifs are carefully finished, making this a work of art even when not in use. Select from a natural earth tone with auburn or the contemporary black with cobalt blue. Two pieces, (tea light not included)
Item # 086 – Natural Tea light
Item #087 – Blue and Black Tea Light
4” diam. X 2 ¾” tall 6.8 oz.

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Item # 068

Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

Armenian salt vessels date to ancient times. The preservative qualities of salt made it a symbol of endurance. It is still the custom to include salt when blessing an Armenian home to this day. In early historic times the pepper from the tropics of south-east Asia became an important article of overland trade through Armenia to Europe. Utility , Art and History - all on your dining table, everyday!
2 ½” diam. x 3” high 7.5oz. / pair

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Item # 037

Hors D'oeuvres serving picks

Our customers tell us these hand-carved pear wood picks make great hors d'oeuvres serving picks for shrimp, olives and especially pasterma!
5” long 0.2 oz.

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Item # 079

Melchior Napkin Rings

These handmade napkin rings are made with a burnished silver finish and will never tarnish. They are made of Melchior, a special alloy of copper, zinc and nickel traditionally used in tableware.

These rings are perfect for the contemporary table setting. You will be proud to say, “Yes, they're made in Armenia !” Four to a set A Noah's Landing design!
Each piece: 1 ¾” diam. X 1” wide - 1.8 oz. set of 4

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Item # 089

Napkin Holder

Specially made for Noah's Landing , this Ark with animals will hold your napkins in place. This beautifully designed and hand-crafted napkin holder in pear wood is finished perfectly on both sides! A Noah's Landing design!
5 ½” x 3 ½” x 2 ½” 3.5 oz

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Item # 071

Tricolor Toothpicks

Made from natural white birch, these toothpicks are topped with the Armenian colors. Great for Armenian restaurants, family picnics and the casual table setting. It's the little touches that make for great settings.
2 ½” long 2oz.

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Items # 102, 103, 104

Pomegranate, Wild Flower & Tri-color Candles

Armenian Wildflower Candle Each spring the fields of Armenia are ablaze with incredible wildflowers. Each spring our candle makers collect an assortment of these wildflowers for your handmade candles. Shown here are the flowers of 2002; however, your candles will be made from the flowers of Armenia , spring 2003! Order now to reserve your 2003 stock. They will sell themselves.

Pomegranate Candle Hand-molded into a beautiful pomegranate, this candle is almost too special to light. But at these prices, your customers will buy them and come back for more! A perfect hostess gift!

Tri-Color Candle Show your colors with handmade tri-color pillar candles. Great centerpieces for Armenian events year-round. A Noah's Landing design!

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Item # 001

14 th Century Manuscript Letters

The bird design is based on the legendary work of Sarkis Pitsak, Cilicia 's last great illuminator. Meticulously hand-embroidered on 100% cotton and framed. (Wall hook and stand not included)
3 ¾” x 4” x 1” 3 oz.

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Item # 009, 010, 011, 012

Obsidian Jewelry Boxes

These stunning obsidian boxes come straight from the volcanoes of ancient Armenian times. Specially selected for dramatic colors of rich browns, reds and smoke grays containing visible patterns of natural veining. Handmade, and lined in plush red velvet. A work of art for your treasures.
Item # 009 Small 2” x 3” x 2” 6.5 oz.
Item # 010 Medium 1 ½ “ x 3 ½” x 2” 11 oz.
Item # 011 Large 3" x 4 ½” x 2” 15 oz.
Item # 012 Round 2 ½” diameter, 2” high 6 oz.

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Item # 013

7 th Century Sundial

Inspired by the 7 th century Armenian Church, Zvartnots, this hand-carved replica can now be displayed in your own home. Each Armenian letter has a number value used on this intricately carved pear wood sundial. Find the secret compartment that stores the gnomon.
2” x 3” 1.7 oz.

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Item # 015


Hand-carved by a master stone-carver of native Armenian tuff stone using the same methods of the major stone crosses found all over Armenia . Unique to Armenia , where no two are alike. A truly special gift!
7 ½” x 3 ½” x 5/8” thick - Base: 3” x 3 ½”; 15 oz.

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Item # 016

Armenia 's River Stones

To make these stones even more interesting, each of the 38 stones is hand-carved with an Armenian letter. Display in your indoor water fountain, bowl or use as a teaching tool. Complete with drawstring bag.
5” x 6” Approx. 1 lb.

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Item # 014

Armenian Flag

Show your colors with pride at home, in your office, or the classroom! Made of nylon blend, it measures 3 ft. x 5 ft. and comes with a pocket for the flag pole. (Flag pole not included)
3.4 oz.

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Item # 019, 020

3-D Maps of Armenia

Run your fingers over the mountains and down into the valleys and “feel” the land called Armenia . These relief maps, of durable plastic and full color, are an ideal addition to the home library or classroom. Suitable for framing.
Item # 019 Small 7” x 8” 1.1 oz.
Item # 019 Large 9” x 12” 1.4 oz.

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Item # 023

God Bless Our Home

These rustic oval tablets are handmade of unglazed Armenian red clay and come with a leather strap for hanging. “God Bless Our Home” is written in Armenian. Each one is slightly different. A Noah's Landing design!
Approx. 5” x 6” - 5 oz.

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Item # 024

Praying Angels

Made of Armenian clay and glazed with a pearlized coating, this handmade trio of angels makes a delightful addition to collections, to stand guard over your rooms, or to enjoy at Christmas. 2” to 3” tall - 3 oz.

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Item # 025

Illuminated Award Certificates
Each an Original!

Why spend a small fortune on a wooden award plaque Next time make the award memorable! Each original meticulously, hand-painted, illuminated certificate is a work of art. It has a blank center for a customized message. Use inkjet, hand writing, or calligraphy to commemorate a donor, wedding, anniversary, baptism, retirement, or your own original poem. We guarantee the recipient will be astounded with your selection and display it proudly for all to see. A Noah's Landing design!
8 ½” x 11”

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Item # 030 & 031

Hand Loomed Scarf

Made of virgin wool, this soft and luxurious scarf comes in natural or black. The edges and fringe are hand-knitted and knotted. A generous 62” long by 8” wide. Makes a warm and cozy Christmas gift.
Item #030 Black with natural trim
Item #031 Natural with black trim

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Item # 038


Replace that old horseshoe over your door with an authentic hand-carved Armenian daghaghan ! This pre-Christian amulet insures good fortune and prosperity for the household. Intricately carved of pear or birch and may include the eternity symbol to insure long life.
2” x 3” 0.6 oz.

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Item # 043 - 061


Each handmade wooden bookmark is an original hand-painted design and individually wrapped. Use as special table favors at your next event. Remarkably low-priced and proven winner, these bookmarks will be a definite “plus” in your retail sales.
Item # 043 St. Mesrop with Bible
Item # 044 Bible verse with Armenia disc
Item # 051 Armenian blessing
Item # 057 Lord's Prayer with Bible
Approx. 1 ¼ “x 10” - 0.4 oz.

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Item # 053

Armenian Church Models

These beautifully handmade models of various traditional Armenian cruciform church architecture are lovingly carved from several woods indigenous to Armenia . The attention to detail is fascinating.
Varies from 6” x 4” x 3” - Approx. 5 oz.

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Item # 055

Original Hand-Painted Lord's Prayer

A work of art filled with all the drama, vivid color, and meticulous detail captures the spirit and letter of the beautiful ancient manuscripts produced by the scriptoriums of the early Christian monasteries. This will be a valued family heirloom handed down from generation to generation. Each hand painted and illuminated “Lord's Prayer” is in the ancient Armenian tradition. Own and display this treasure knowing that in years to come the talent producing this work will be so rare that it will be available only to serious art collectors. (Frame not included)
8 ¼” x 11 ¾”

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Item # 056

Original Hand-Painted Alphabet

Each a beautiful work of art. St. Mesrop's mission to create the alphabet for the Armenian Bible is a treasure to own and recall Armenia 's Golden Age. (Frame not included)
8 ¼” x 11 ¾”

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Item # 106


Who doesn't remember growing up and hearing the tavloo players laughing and joking? Every Armenian home had one, and now you can have an authentic Armenian nardi or tavloo (backgammon) board. Hand inlaid wood of Mt. Ararat on the front and a checker board on back cover. Compete with wooden disks and dice.
23” x 11 ¼” (closed) x 1 ½” deep - 5 lbs.

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Item # 064, 065, 066, 067

Art Pottery

Noah's Landing is proud to introduce art pottery inspired by the ancient pictographs and petroglyphs found in Armenia . Only minor changes in this hand-making process have been made over the millennia.

Ceramic Drinking Horn. Inspired from designs of pre-Christian pottery and drinking cups at the Erebuni museum in Armenia , this rhyton is an adaptation of the traditional animal horns used by the early Armenians.
Vessel - Large
Vessel – Small A reproduction of the shape and arms from a 2 nd century BC vessel discovered in Armenia.
Lion Bearing Vessel Friends tell us it makes a most unusual pencil holder. Tell us uses you find…

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Item # 076

Karabagh Shepherd and Spinner

Limited quantities of these collector dolls wear the dress of the mountain people of Karabagh. Each doll is made by hand using a variety of fibers and techniques. A fine example of the serene beauty of the shepherd and spinner. Sold in pairs only.
Spinner 11”tall; Shepherd 13” tall - 1 ½ lbs. / pair

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Item # 090

Key Rack

Specially made for Noah's Landing and imprinted with “ Armenia ” in English and Armenian, you'll always remember where the ark landed. Creative touches of hooks fashioned as waves and the secret bird in the center make this special. Move the bird to mount, and then back up, and voila , nothing shows! Made from hand-carved pear wood. Anchor screw included. A Noah's Landing design!
5” x 7” x ½” thick 3.2 oz.

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Item # 093

Eat, drink! Wall Art

Ger ou khmae ! (eat and drink!). A little bit of an Armenian tashtahantes (picnic), handmade and complete with glazed grapes, a traditional ceramic vessel to hold the wine and a miniature hand-woven blanket.
4” diameter x 1 ½” deep 3.4oz

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Item # 062 & 063

Wooden Spoon Set

In days gone by, each Armenian family member had his or her own spoon, but there was only one ladle to symbolize unity. Inspired from this tradition comes this beautifully hand-carved 4 piece set. The three spoons and three arches are reminiscent of the Christian theme of the trinity. For use or display. (Hanger not included)
Item #062 – small 6 ¼” x 14 ½” 4.4 oz.
Item # #063 – large 7 ¼” x 13 ½” 5.7 oz.

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Item # 097

Armenian Cross Cookie-Cutter

Perfect for church bake sales, dessert tables, or Easter baskets! No one will be able to resist these cookies at your next bake sale.
4 ½” x 5” - 1.1 oz.

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Items # 098

Armenian Letters Cookie-Cutter Set

What will they think of next?! Now you can have your alphabet and eat it too! Kids love to spell their names out in cookies, to eat or hang on a Christmas tree. Great with play dough too! Set includes 38 handmade letters.
1 ¼” x 1 ½” - 13.4 oz.

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