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Item # 027

Obsidian Cross

This Noah's Landing design is made from rich volcanic translucent glass, this hand-crafted cross has a gold plated beveled eyelet to wear with a gold chain or ribbon necklace (not included) . A truly unique creation to be worn and admired! A Noah's Landing design!
1 ½” square - 0.2oz

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Item # 026

Obsidian Cross

Made of Armenian obsidian, kept simple and affordable for multiple sales.
¾” x 1” 1 gram

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Item # 078

Melchior Armenian Cross

This is a contemporary adaptation of the intricate filigree crosses of old. The clean, open lines are offset by a beautifully polished red oval stone. Handmade of Melchior. A Noah's Landing design!
1 ½” x 2' - 0.1oz

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Item # 029

Key Ring

The eternity symbol is as ancient as early man in Armenia . Found in the primitive drawings of the early potters and the marble floor design of St. Vartan's Cathedral in NYC, this eternity symbol will easily add to your sales. Hand-carved on solid walnut. (Ring assembled in USA ) A Noah's Landing design!
1 ¾”diameter - 0.4 oz

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Item # 081 - 085

Princess Hearts

What else can you call these handmade translucent hearts but sweet? The glass is colored, cut, polished, and completed by adding a portion of love to each. They come with an adjustable cord necklace. Display a bouquet of hearts of all the colors and watch as your customers stock up!
Item #081 moon glow
Item #082 fire red
Item #083 sea blue
Item #084 sunshine yellow
Item #085 grass green
Approx. ¾ inch - 0.1 oz.

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Item # 091 & 092

Gold Cross
Sterling Silver Cross

Gold Cross -
Offer your customers this petite 14 kt. Gold cross made in Armenia at a very special price and watch your sales increase!
Item #092 ¾” x ½” - 0.3 gram

Sterling Silver Cross - Made especially for Noah's Landing this affordable Armenian cross makes a lovely gift to mark any special event.
Item #091 1” x ½” - 1 gram

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Items # 094, 095, 096

Bronze Crosses

Go back to the Bronze Age in Armenia and you will discover the roots of this handsome collection of handmade jewelry. Each piece is individually cast using the jewelry quality bronze and completed with a semi-precious polished stone. Neckband made of finely twined supple leather. A Noah's Landing design!
Item #094 Armenian Cross 1” x 2” - 1.2 oz
Item #095 Three Crosses 1 ¼” x 2” - 1.1 oz
Item #096 Block Cross 1” x 2” - 1.1 oz

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