Item # 064, 065, 066, 067

Art Pottery

#064 Ceramic Drinking Horn.
Inspired from designs of pre-Christian pottery and drinking cups at the Erebuni museum in Armenia , this rhyton is an adaptation of the traditional animal horns used by the early Armenians.
Approx. 7” tall, 3” diameter at the lip

#065 Vessel - Large
6” tall, about 6” at the widest part

#066 Vessel – Small
A reproduction of the shape and arms from a 2nd century BC vessel discovered in Armenia.
3 ½” tall, 5” wide

# 067 Lion Bearing Vessel
Friends tell us it makes a most unusual pencil holder. Tell us uses you find…
3 ½” tall, 5”

Vital Statistics:


10 oz.
1lb. 12 oz.
11 oz.


Noah's Landing is proud to introduce
art pottery inspired by the ancient pictographs and petroglyphs
found in Armenia.

Only minor changes in this hand-making process have been made over the millennia.

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