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Item # 003 & 004

Rosary Note Cards

Delicate gold beads are hand-sewn on these blank note cards make an extra special gift for those who pray the Rosary.
4” x 6” (includes envelope)
Item #003 – gold Rosary on red
Item #004 – gold Rosary on white

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Item # 015


Hand-carved by a master stone-carver of native Armenian tuff stone using the same methods of the major stone crosses found all over Armenia . Unique to Armenia , where no two are alike. A truly special gift!
7 ½” x 3 ½” x 5/8” thick - Base: 3” x 3 ½”; 15 oz.

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Item # 023

God Bless Our Home

These rustic oval tablets are handmade of unglazed Armenian red clay and come with a leather strap for hanging. “God Bless Our Home” is written in Armenian. Each one is slightly different. A Noah's Landing design!
Approx. 5” x 6” - 5 oz.

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Item # 024

Praying Angels

Made of Armenian clay and glazed with a pearlized coating, this handmade trio of angels makes a delightful addition to collections, to stand guard over your rooms, or to enjoy at Christmas. 2” to 3” tall - 3 oz.

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Item # 026

Obsidian Cross

Made of Armenian obsidian, kept simple and affordable for multiple sales.
¾” x 1” 1 gram

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Item # 027

Obsidian Cross

This Noah's Landing design is made from rich volcanic translucent glass, this hand-crafted cross has a gold plated beveled eyelet to wear with a gold chain or ribbon necklace (not included) . A truly unique creation to be worn and admired! A Noah's Landing design!
1 ½” square - 0.2oz

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Item # 028


2003 commemorates 1,700 years of Echmiadzin. This wooden model is built to scale, carved with amazing detail, and handmade of four different woods indigenous to Armenia . There is archaeological evidence to support Echmiadzin was the first church built in the world with a dome.
2 ¾” x 3 ¾” x 3” - 2.4 oz.

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Item # 032, 033, 034

Angels to Watch Over Thee

Very special angels, for Christmas, a child's room, a graduation gift, or wall groupings. Hand-carved from pear wood. Angle C, the Seraph, is the highest order of angels. A multitude of seraphim decorate the vaulted ceiling of Etchmiadzin Cathedral in Armenia.
Item #032 Angel A (skirted angel) 3” x 4” - 0.6 oz.
Item #033 Angel B (standing angel) 2” x 4” - 0.6 oz.
Item #034 Seraph C (six winged angel) 3” x 4” - 0.6 oz

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Item # 043 - 061


Each handmade wooden bookmark is an original hand-painted design and individually wrapped. Use as special table favors at your next event. Remarkably low-priced and proven winner, these bookmarks will be a definite “plus” in your retail sales.
Item # 043 St. Mesrop with Bible
Item # 044 Bible verse with Armenia disc
Item # 051 Armenian blessing
Item # 057 Lord's Prayer with Bible
Approx. 1 ¼ “x 10” - 0.4 oz.

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Item # 053

Armenian Church Models

These beautifully handmade models of various traditional Armenian cruciform church architecture are lovingly carved from several woods indigenous to Armenia . The attention to detail is fascinating.
Varies from 6” x 4” x 3” - Approx. 5 oz.

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Item # 055

Original Hand-Painted Lord's Prayer

A work of art filled with all the drama, vivid color, and meticulous detail captures the spirit and letter of the beautiful ancient manuscripts produced by the scriptoriums of the early Christian monasteries. This will be a valued family heirloom handed down from generation to generation. Each hand painted and illuminated “Lord's Prayer” is in the ancient Armenian tradition. Own and display this treasure knowing that in years to come the talent producing this work will be so rare that it will be available only to serious art collectors. (Frame not included)
8 ¼” x 11 ¾”

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Item # 078

Melchior Armenian Cross

This is a contemporary adaptation of the intricate filigree crosses of old. The clean, open lines are offset by a beautifully polished red oval stone. Handmade of Melchior. A Noah's Landing design!
1 ½” x 2' - 0.1oz

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Item # 088


Specially made for Noah's Landing , this little nativity is hand-carved from pear wood. The little figurines are individually made ceramic and St. Joseph 's staff is metal. Complete with palm tree, angel and the star showing us the way. A Noah's Landing design!
Only 3 ½” tall 2 ¾” wide and 2” deep - 2 oz.

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Item # 091 & 092

Gold Cross
Sterling Silver Cross

Gold Cross - Offer your customers this petite 14 kt. Gold cross made in Armenia at a very special price and watch your sales increase!
Item #092 ¾” x ½” - 0.3 gram

Sterling Silver Cross - Made especially for Noah's Landing this affordable Armenian cross makes a lovely gift to mark any special event.
Item #091 1” x ½” - 1 gram

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Items # 094, 095, 096

Bronze Crosses

Go back to the Bronze Age in Armenia and you will discover the roots of this handsome collection of handmade jewelry. Each piece is individually cast using the jewelry quality bronze and completed with a semi-precious polished stone. Neckband made of finely twined supple leather. A Noah's Landing design!
Item #094 Armenian Cross 1” x 2” - 1.2 oz
Item #095 Three Crosses 1 ¼” x 2” - 1.1 oz
Item #096 Block Cross 1” x 2” - 1.1 oz

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Item # 097

Armenian Cross Cookie-Cutter

Perfect for church bake sales, dessert tables, or Easter baskets! No one will be able to resist these cookies at your next bake sale.
4 ½” x 5” - 1.1 oz.

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Item # 099


Use as a Christmas greeting card with an accompanying envelope or set up your very own triptych. This one has the Christmas story from Luke 2:1-14 written in Armenian on the inner side panels. The outer panels are guarded by angels playing music while the center panel has the manger scene. Each of the 6 nimbuses is printed in a gleaming gold finish.
7” tall x 11” wide fully opened - 0.5 oz

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Item # 100

Baptism Bible – New Testament

Baby's first Bible. What more important gift can you give a child than a new testament Bible inscribed with the details of baptism day? This beautiful Bible has silver gilt edges. Offer these Bibles in your church bookstore and see how quickly they will sell. Written in easy-to-read Armenian with white leather-like cover. (Stand not included)
5” x 7 ½” - 14 oz.

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Item # 101

Wedding Bible, New Testament

Jesus' first miracle was the wedding feast at Cana and the Armenian wedding ceremony has been steeped in some of the oldest Christian traditions since. This Bible is specially designed with pages to document the marriage. With gold gilt edges, it will be a treasured reminder of the day the newlywed began their life together. Written in easy-to-read Armenian with a white leather-like cover. (Stand not included)
5” x 71/2” - 14ozs.

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Item # 105


Mangers come in all sizes, shapes and prices, but this is a special work of art. Each piece is hand-molded, fired, and painted with Armenian clay. The cradle for Baby Jesus is made of wood with rockers that really rock. The overall detail is breathtaking! Your family will gather year after year to create the Christmas story as it unfolds. What better Christmas memories to give your children!
Manger 6 ¼” x 5” x 4 ¾”
Figures include 14 pieces, the tallest is 4” - 1lb, 8 oz.

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Items # 123

Lord's Prayer

A delicate handmade ceramic wall hanging of the Lord's Prayer in Armenian. (Hanger or stand not included.)
6 ½” x 10 ½” -9.4 oz.

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