Weddings . . .

Item # 101

Wedding Bible, New Testament

Jesus' first miracle was the wedding feast at Cana and the Armenian wedding ceremony has been steeped in some of the oldest Christian traditions since. This Bible is specially designed with pages to document the marriage. With gold gilt edges, it will be a treasured reminder of the day the newlywed began their life together. Written in easy-to-read Armenian with a white leather-like cover. (Stand not included)
5” x 71/2” - 14ozs.

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Item # 107

Maiden's Charm

When an Armenian maiden comes of age, this colorful broom doll is hung in a window of her house. Then, watch the magic of this charm attract her prince to her home and heart. After the wedding, the bride takes the handmade doll with her to sweep away any evil from entering her new home.
PS: Parents have reported this charm also helps to attract boys they actually approve of…, but don't let your daughter know.
6” x 13” - 3.4 oz.

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Items # 110-111

Shower and Wedding Favors

For showers, weddings, engagements. Made in Armenia , these handmade tokens show appreciation and will add a special touch to your festivities. Order early as pieces are produced and shipped to your order.
Item #110 Oval candy box with cover. 1 ½” X 2” x 1 ½” high 1.2 oz.
Item #111 Round Candy box with cover. 2” x 1 ½” high 2.5 oz.

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Items # 114

Something Old, Something New…

On her wedding day, the bride wishes for happiness by putting this brand new, never circulated, Armenian 20 Dram coin in her shoe. Hand-scripted in Armenia . Printed and packaged in USA . A Noah's Landing design!
5 ½” x 8 ½” - 0.5 oz.

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Baptisms . . .

Item # 100

Baptism Bible – New Testament

Baby's first Bible. What more important gift can you give a child than a new testament Bible inscribed with the details of baptism day? This beautiful Bible has silver gilt edges. Offer these Bibles in your church bookstore and see how quickly they will sell. Written in easy-to-read Armenian with white leather-like cover. (Stand not included)
5” x 7 ½” - 14 oz.

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Items # 112-113

It's a Girl! It's a Boy!

Too cute – these little handmade sweethearts can be used as favors for baby showers or christening. Once your guests know they are made in Armenia , they will be thrilled! Also, use them to decorate a cake or a baby-gift package. Allow extra time for quantity orders.
Item #112 – It's a Girl, pink
Item #113- It's a Boy, Blue
Approx. 3” x 3” high - 1.4oz.

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