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Item # 001
14 th Century Manuscript Letters

The bird design is based on the legendary work of Sarkis Pitsak, Cilicia 's last great illuminator. Meticulously hand-embroidered on 100% cotton and framed. (Wall hook and stand not included)
3 ¾” x 4” x 1” - 3 oz.

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Item # 021 & 022

Art Pieces

Contemporary hand-crafted art pieces are whimsical ceramic creations of girls in traditional Armenian dress. Make beautiful wall hangings. Constructed in segments, connected by cords and beads, and are mobile.
Approx. 1” x 9” - 1.5 oz.

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Item # 028


2003 commemorates 1,700 years of Echmiadzin. This wooden model is built to scale, carved with amazing detail, and handmade of four different woods indigenous to Armenia . There is archaeological evidence to support Echmiadzin was the first church built in the world with a dome.
2 ¾” x 3 ¾” x 3” - 2.4 oz.

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Item # 055

Original Hand-Painted Lord's Prayer

A work of art filled with all the drama, vivid color, and meticulous detail captures the spirit and letter of the beautiful ancient manuscripts produced by the scriptoriums of the early Christian monasteries. This will be a valued family heirloom handed down from generation to generation. Each hand painted and illuminated “Lord's Prayer” is in the ancient Armenian tradition. Own and display this treasure knowing that in years to come the talent producing this work will be so rare that it will be available only to serious art collectors. (Frame not included)
8 ¼” x 11 ¾”

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Item # 056

Original Hand-Painted Alphabet

Each a beautiful work of art. St. Mesrop's mission to create the alphabet for the Armenian Bible is a treasure to own and recall Armenia 's Golden Age. (Frame not included)
8 ¼” x 11 ¾”

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Item # 076

Karabagh Shepherd and Spinner

Limited quantities of these collector dolls wear the dress of the mountain people of Karabagh. Each doll is made by hand using a variety of fibers and techniques. A fine example of the serene beauty of the shepherd and spinner. Sold in pairs only.
Spinner 11”tall; Shepherd 13” tall - 1 ½ lbs. / pair

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Item # 093

Eat, drink! Wall art

Ger ou khmae ! (eat and drink!). A little bit of an Armenian tashtahantes (picnic), handmade and complete with glazed grapes, a traditional ceramic vessel to hold the wine and a miniature hand-woven blanket.
4” diameter x 1 ½” deep - 3.4oz

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Items # 009 - 012

Obsidian Jewelry Boxes

These stunning obsidian boxes come straight from the volcanoes of ancient Armenian times. Specially selected for dramatic colors of rich browns, reds and smoke grays containing visible patterns of natural veining. Handmade, and lined in plush red velvet. A work of art for your treasures. Various sizes.

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Item # 064, 065, 066, 067

Art Pottery

Noah's Landing is proud to introduce art pottery inspired by the ancient pictographs and petroglyphs found in Armenia . Only minor changes in this hand-making process have been made over the millennia.

Ceramic Drinking Horn. Inspired from designs of pre-Christian pottery and drinking cups at the Erebuni museum in Armenia , this rhyton is an adaptation of the traditional animal horns used by the early Armenians.
Vessel - Large
Vessel – Small A reproduction of the shape and arms from a 2 nd century BC vessel discovered in Armenia.
Lion Bearing Vessel Friends tell us it makes a most unusual pencil holder. Tell us uses you find…

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